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About Primo Moda


“Primo Moda, where fashions are hip, clothes come to life, colors are vibrant, and styles speak volumes”

Primo Moda's mission is to help trendy women of all ages dress modestly, and keep them looking stylish and feeling beautiful with a wide variety of meticulously crafted, designer clothing, that is chic and modern.

Primo Moda doesn't believe that you have to choose between dressing modestly and dressing fashionably, we help women express who they are through their own distinct style. By allowing them to express themselves through clothes they love and still be modest. Primomoda has shopped the international fashion market in search of modest quality clothing; long, stylish loose fitting shirts tops and dresses with high necklines and long sleeves that are not revealing.

“Primo Moda's clothing will enable women of all ages to be in style and not compromise their dress standards”

Primo Moda's designer clothing is brought to you with the modern, professional and active women in mind, where style seekers come to shop, look young, where women who want to make a fashion statement come to shop. Uniquely designed comfortable clothes for a stylish and elegant look made for today's modest women.

Primo Moda's fashion collection includes comfortable, colorful long shirts, free flowing skirts, hand woven long flowing headscarves, airy light modest sportswear, and distinguished rich formalware.

“Primomoda, for today's woman, where modesty, style, beauty and individuality come together”


Primo Moda seasonally updates its product line to keep up with the latest styles, fabrics and colors. Be sure to check back often as we regularly add new pieces.